Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Update, and more Reviews

Zoomaroom has been updated again to fix some issue people have had with saving rooms, and to add a much-requested feature: You can now delete rooms you have created or rooms you have downloaded from others! Just load the room in the editor, press start, and go to "Delete Room".

Again, in order to get the update you will have to download the game from Xbox Live Marketplace again (you will not be charged if you already bought it). Unfortunately, Community Games do not get auto-updates like Arcade or retail games do on the Xbox 360.

Also, more reviews have come in for Zoomaroom, here's a couple of them from IGN and


  1. I bought Zoomaroom the other night and it's awesome! The greatest thing of all was watching my girlfriend (a very picky gamer) play your game smiling and laughing. Thanks guys! I wish you success!

  2. Hey guys,

    if you want me to review your game in german, drop me a line: echtzeit at homebrewwelt dot com