Saturday, February 7, 2009

Zoomaroom is now in PlayTest!

One of the optional stages of submission to Xbox Live Community Games is the PlayTest stage. In this stage we can release a "release candidate" build and get feedback and opinions from other Creator's Club members.

We can then roll up that feedback, act on some of it, ignore some of it, and submit a final release for Peer Review.

Peer Review is different from PlayTesting in that a Peer Reviewer is simply checking for the appropriateness of the game's content, crashes, hangs, and other major issues like that. PlayTesting is a way to get feedback about whether your game is too hard, not fun, missing a key feature, or really anything!

For those of you who are Creator's Club members, head over to:

and try out our game! Leave us feedback on our game's PlayTest forum:

For everyone else, we expect to have the game released soon after PlayTesting finishes up. At that point, any Xbox Live member will be able to download and play the game from their Xbox 360. The trial will be free, and the full version will be 200 MS Points ($2.50 US).

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