Friday, February 20, 2009


If you find any Zoomaroom bugs, please post them with repro steps in the comments. We'd like to fix anything that comes up quickly, so your help could really make the difference.

EDIT: We now have a forum on, which is a great place to post bugs, issues, or suggestions.


  1. In Three Tower Power, I finished the level but then died right after. It still recorded my time on the leaderboard as best. But then after I exited the game and played again later, I noticed it had not given me credit for beating it (even though while playing it sent me to the next level), and my time was not saved locally. I beat it again, and my personal best is now worse than my time on the leaderboard. Gamertag HadesGigas.

  2. Thanks HadesGigas, we will look into reproducing that bug and try to have a fix for it in our next update.

    At least you're getting credit for your time online :) Obviously it doesn't make sense for your leaderboard time to be better than your local best time though, so this definitely warrants fixing.